Some Mineguild Network news!

About the website:

So, we switched domains to a little while ago!

In that context I got the following done today:

  • I just got ourselves a ssl certificate and encryption running, which means all the website traffic between you and is encrypted now!
  • New forums! No more spammers! (Hopefully) They are still work-in-progress, which means, the content is not there and the permissions are not set-up right now.
About the Minecraft-Server:

It seems that the Multiserver System is working quite good for Mineguild Network! Watch out for a couple of cool changes and additions, that are coming soon!
I am aware of a couple bugs, that appeared with this new system and I would like you to report those, not on the FTB-Forums Thread, but in our new Forums.

Other than that, have fun playing!

~ nylser


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