Mineguild Minecraft-Server Rules:

  • What an admin says is law.
  • No spam or excessive swearing on the chat.
  • No stealing.
  • There is to be¬†NO¬†griefing, this includes destroying buildings and structures, trampling crops intentionally, causing damage to the world (except the Mining-World), performing actions deemed prohibited by the staff.
  • You must respect the decisions off the staff, if you have a problem please post it in the forum.
  • You most acknowledge the fact that any staff member has the right to kick or ban you for breaking any of these rules.
  • You must also agree that the rules may be changed without any warning by the staff team and that it is up to you to check the rules regularly.
  • The staff team is not required to show evidence to you in the event of a ban. However it can be requested in the event of a dispute.
  • Use english in chat.


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