Done: Maintenance Work

Hello, fellow users of Mineguild!

As I’m performing some server maintenance right now, you might experience outtakes of various services. The maintenace phase will probably last for today, I will post an update as soon as the maintenance is done.


I updated the server including linux kernel and all kind of security and performance-critical packages. Additionally I did some disk space optimization and made sure that all vital services are starting automatically and are managed by systemd. Also I did some much required work on the mailserver, but it still needs much more :D.

If you have any problems with services you use, please write a request on the forum.



Email Delivery Rate improved!

I just worked on our E-Mail delivery rate. We now have DKIM and SPF DNS records set-up and the mails are automatically signed by our mailserver.

This means that our E-Mails should now at least arrive on accounts at (and other highly ‘secured’ mails, gmail always worked fine..).

If they don’t arrive in your inbox you should definitely try to check the SPAM/JUNK for the message you’re looking for.


~ nylser

Some Mineguild Network news!

About the website:

So, we switched domains to a little while ago!

In that context I got the following done today:

  • I just got ourselves a ssl certificate and encryption running, which means all the website traffic between you and is encrypted now!
  • New forums! No more spammers! (Hopefully) They are still work-in-progress, which means, the content is not there and the permissions are not set-up right now.
About the Minecraft-Server:

It seems that the Multiserver System is working quite good for Mineguild Network! Watch out for a couple of cool changes and additions, that are coming soon!
I am aware of a couple bugs, that appeared with this new system and I would like you to report those, not on the FTB-Forums Thread, but in our new Forums.

Other than that, have fun playing!

~ nylser


New Server for Mineguild! Map Reset!

About the new Server

Hey everybody! This is the first news post, I’m ever doing, and there will be more in the future, I’m sure!

Now that we switched the server we are running on to a new and better one, much more will happen on Mineguild!

As you all know Mineguild originates from Germany and our new server is also located there. We got a much better network connection with the new server, so people outside of Germany should have much better ping times and bandwidth now!

Map Reset (DW20)

On 9th of March 6pm GMT (Sunday in Germany), the Direwolf20 Modpack-Server will be reset! Free your time there, so you can start good! If you already played on the server before, we’re planning a big server “explosion” before the map gets reset!


~ nylser and AfterWind_